FBI supporting local law enforcement ahead of possible armed protests in US

Washington, Jan 12 (Sputnik) The FBI is providing support to state, local and federal law enforcement agencies ahead of possible armed protests that may soon occur throughout the United States, the FBI said in a statement on Tuesday.
Earlier on Monday, media reported that the FBI is warning that armed protests are being planned in all 50 US state capitals in the final days leading up to President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20.
“The FBI is supporting our state, local, and federal law enforcement partners with maintaining public safety in the communities we serve,” the statement said on Monday. “Our focus is not on peaceful protesters, but on those threatening their safety and the safety of other citizens with violence and destruction of property.”
The FBI said it is gathering information to identify potential threats and sharing that information with its partners.
On January 6, a group of Trump’s supporters stormed the US Capitol building, clashing with police, damaging property, seizing the inauguration stage and occupying the rotunda. The unrest took place after Trump urged his supporters to protest the legitimizing by Congress of what he claims was a stolen election.


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