Rs 97 crore drugs and raw material seized by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence in Hyderabad.
Acting on a tip off that a banned psychotropic substance, Mephedrone under the provisions of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985 (NDPS Act), was illegally being manufactured in the outskirts of Hyderabad, said DRI Officals.
The DRI officers busted a factory and seized about 142.6 kgs of Mephedrone worth around Rs 28.52 crores and also 31 kgs of Ephedrine, a controlled substance under the NDPS Act, worth around Rs 3.1 crores.
Apart from the abovementioned drugs, raw materials were procured for further manufacturing of Mephedrone around 250 Kgs, worth of Rs 50 crores, were seized from the premises of factory , stated DRI officials. One consignment was sent from Hyderabad to intercept at Mumbai. The consignment of Mephedrone had been loaded in a private passenger bus cleverly as cargo with no individuals accompanying it, to ensure that even the consignment was caught, no persons should be linked to it. In a series of swift follow up raids, the recipients of the consignment in Mumbai were identified and also their premises including a drug manufacturing laboratory in residential premises was raided by DRI, resulting in the recovery of Mephedrone and Ketamine ready for distributiondistributed, in addition to other psychotropic substances samples , clearly indicate a sophisticated distribution network within the country as well abroad, added officials.
The operation was spread out across numerous locations In Hyderabad and Mumbai for over three days. The DRI officers have seized over 250 Kgs of drugs and raw materials. In addition, Rs 45,00,000 cash in different currency notes – INR, USD and EUR was sized.
The mastermind , who was illegally manufacturing these drugs, was arrested by the DRI in Hyderabad and two more persons were arrested in Mumbai .. The officials also informed that The mastermind is also a past offender and was arrested in 2017 by DRI, under the provisions of the NDPS Act and was enlarged on bail, the officials informed.
The syndicate had a established chain of supply both within and outside the country. The payment were made through Hawala channels for the raw material and finished products. DRI officials told ANI.


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