SBI Card launches new brand campaign ‘contactless connections’

Mumbai, Sep 25 (UNI) SBI Card, India’s second largest credit card issuer, announced the launch of its new brand campaign, “Contactless Connections” that spreads the message that love and care can be shared even during this difficult period where social distancing is the norm. The campaign endeavours to bring a fresh breath of positivity by demonstrating that people can connect emotionally and spread joy despite the social distancing practices by which we are bound.

The film strikes a chord with the audience through a concept which is relatable in current times. With easing of lockdown, people are learning to adjust to a new normal, where physical distance must be maintained, interactions are virtual, and communication occurs through the barrier of masks. There is natural concern and inhibition in the minds of people as they go about their daily lives with a high degree of precaution in this new normal. However, the film shows that despite these fears, restrictions and physical distance, people are finding means to connect, care and touch the lives of loved ones, whilst staying safe. It infuses hope that one can stay emotionally connected, receive support from those around and touch hearts, despite the distances.

SBI Card has always been an enabler in spreading joy in consumers’ lives and continues to do so, even in these tough times. Amidst the need to maintain physical distance, payments are one aspect of everyday life where consumers must adopt safe practices and avoid physical contact. Contactless payments, enabled by SBI Card, allow consumers to stay safe. Consumers can simply wave their card or phone or scan a QR code to make safe, secure payments, without handing over their card or punching in the PIN.

As the film begins, we see a young lady doctor, with her mask on, entering the lift of her residential society as she returns from work late at night. As she is about to enter her apartment, she notices two covered bowls of food kept in a tray at the door. She looks around in surprise, and a middle-aged lady emerges from the neighbouring apartment, waving and indicating that the food is for her. This brings a warm smile to the doctor’s face, all her hours of toil as a Covid warrior rewarded by a neighbour’s heartfelt gesture. Hence comes the film’s core message, ‘Kisi ka dil choone ke liye unke paas jaana zaroori nahi’.

In the next scene, we see the doctor buying a bouquet in a florist shop using her SBI contactless credit card. The film ends with the doctor returning the act of kindness by quietly placing the bouquet outside the neighbor’s door. Hence the film says ‘Ab khushiyan baantiye bina chhuye, credit card ya smartphone se’.

Mr. Ashwini Kumar Tewari, MD & CEO, SBI Card said, “This new brand campaign has been rolled out to inspire our customers to keep creating emotional connect even during these unprecedented times. As people look for ways to minimize physical contact, contactless card payments surely offer a safer alternative as one can simply wave the card or their android smartphone at the Point of Sale terminal to transact. Through this campaign we encourage our customers to keep up the spirit of spreading joy and care and to continue fulfilling the desires of their loved ones in a safe and secure manner”.

The film is a continuation of SBI Card’s brand campaign “Ghar Mein Khushiyaan” that resonated deeply with the audience. Launched during the lockdown, it gave out a fresh hope and inspired people to consider confinement as an opportunity to indulge in long forgotten hobbies and activities and to celebrate togetherness, while spreading happiness to the near and dear ones.

Focused primarily on millennials and also catering to a wider age group of 22-50 years, the film went live on Disney Hotstar and will run during IPL matches. It has also been released on other digital platforms.


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