SBI reports 41.28 pc jump in its net profit at Rs 9,114 crore in Q4FY22

Kolkata, May 13 : State Bank of India (SBI) on Friday reported a 41.28 per cent jump in its net profit at Rs 9,114 crore for the fourth quarter ended March 31, 2022. The Bank had posted a Net profit for FY22 grew by 55.19% YoY to Rs. 31,676 crores. SBI’s Return on Equity (RoE) as at the end of FY22 stands at 13.92% which is higher by 398 bps YoY. Domestic NIM for Q4FY22 increased by 29 bps YoY at 3.40%. SBI’s Net Interest Income (NII) for Q4FY22 increased by 15.26% YoY. The Bank had posted Operating Profit for FY22 grew by 5.22% YoY to Rs. 75,292 crores; while Operating Profit for Q4FY22 at Rs. 19,717 crores. Whole Bank Advances grew by 11.00% YoY. Domestic Advances growth stood at 10.27% YoY primarily driven by growth in Retail Personal Advances (15.11% YoY). Foreign Office Advances grew by 15.42% YoY. The Bank’s Retail Portfolio crosses Rs. 10 lakh crore. Home loan, which constitutes ~23% of Bank’s domestic advances, has grown by 11.49% YoY. Corporate Loans has also registered growth of 11.15% QoQ during Q4FY22. The Bank’s total Deposits grew at 10.06% YoY. Saving Bank Deposits grew by 10.45% YoY while Term Deposit grew by 11.54% YoY. CASA Deposit grew by 7.78% YoY with CASA ratio of 45.28% as on 31st March 22. SBI’s Gross NPA ratio down by 101 bps YoY at 3.97%, while Net NPA ratio down by 48 bps YoY at 1.02%. Provision Coverage Ratio (PCR) improved by 416 bps YoY at 75.04%. PCR (Incl. AUCA) stands at 90.20%. The Bank’s Slippage Ratio for Q4FY22 stands at 0.43%. Credit Cost for Q4FY22 stands at 0.49%. SBI’s Cost to Income Ratio for FY22 down by 29 bps YoY at 53.31%. Cost to Income Ratio is lower by 27 bps YoY at 54.23% during Q4FY22. The Bank’s Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) as at the end of Q4FY22 stands at 13.83% Return on Assets (RoA) increased by 19 bps YoY to 0.67%. SBI’s Share of Alternate Channels in total transactions has increased from 93.2% in FY21 to 95.5% in FY22.


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