Air Compressor strategically placed outside room may help serve 4-6 patients at one go: CSIR-CMERI

Kolkata, May 1 (UNI) COVID may impair the lungs to great extent and medical oxygen acts as Therapy.
To properly tackle and control the Oxygen crisis, the CSIR-CMERI developed Oxygen Enrichment Unit (OEU) can provide a veritable solution stated Prof. (Dr.) Harish Hirani, Director, CSIR-CMERI, Durgapur.
He said this while interacting with the industry participants emphasized on the decisive role of the MSMEs in tackling the COVID 19 battle.
Prof Hirani said that the developed technology will be useful even in a Post-COVID scenario, to treat ailing aged persons, immature babies as well as therapy against increasing air pollution. Since, the OEU might be an essential equipment of the future, the Cost of the device needs to be optimised and indigenised manufacturing needs to be boosted.
The CSIR-CMERI OEU has been developed with a simple architecture and design philosophy built with easily available raw materials. If innovatively used by the MSMEs, a Single Air Compressor strategically placed outside the room can help serve 4-6 patients at one go. The technology can also be customised as per the requirements of the situation.
The interactive session in the form of the webinar organised by MSME DI, Indore on Friday evening, also comprised experts like D. C. Sahu, Joint Director, MSME DI, Indore, Nilesh Trivedi, Asstt. Director, MSME DI, Indore, A. Dafaria, from Madhya Pradesh Chamber of Commerce, besides, a host of MSME entrepreneurs as well as start-up representatives.
CSIR-CMERI committed to provide all sorts of assistance to the MSME partners in terms of technical training and raw materials sourcing. A virtual meeting would also be arranged post technology transfer for maintenance and troubleshooting. The Royalty of 6% may also be completely waived-off, keeping in mind the COVID situation for a year, if applied by the concerned MSME.
D. C. Sahu, Joint Director, MSME DI, Indore appreciated Prof. (Dr.) Hirani for helping the MSMEs and entrepreneurs through such webinars and told it is the need of the hour.
He added that with the help of CSIR-CMERI developed technology they can set up the alternatives of the oxygen plants and in this regard he assured 24×7 supports by all possible means of MSME officials to such prospective entrepreneurs in their endeavours.
Nilesh Trivedi, Asstt. Director, MSME DI, Indore also mentioned about different schemes of Government of India as well as Government of Madhya Pradesh to support skill development and employment generation for the MSMEs and Start-ups.
A. Dafaria, Madhya Pradesh Chamber of Commerce said the Peepal tree is a good source of oxygen in villages, where the people takes rest after hard work. He also informed that at a very short spell of time they have renovated and restarted some old closed Oxygen plants in Madhya Pradesh.
The seminar was very engaging and all the MSMEs, entrepreneurs, and start-ups attending the webinar were keenly interested about the CSIR-CMERI developed OEU and were eager to know the detail of the technology, its cost aspects, capital and finance required to start production, statutory requirement towards testing of the technology, how to start up the fabrication immediately etc.
Apart from the general questions, there were also few technical and experimental queries from start-ups and entrepreneurs working on similar technology but facing some bottlenecks, which were also responded to by the Director, CSIR-CMERI immediately.


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