COVID-19 vaccination for citizens in age group of 18-44 will begin in Delhi from May 3: Kejriwal

New Delhi, May 1 (UNI) Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday visited a polyclinic at Saraswati Vihar for the ”symbolic start” of the third phase of the ongoing nationwide COVID-19 vaccination drive and said that vaccination drive for the citizens in the age group of 18-44 will begin in the National Capital from May 3.
Under phase III of the ongoing Covid vaccination programme beginning from May 1 onwards across the country, all people in the 18-44 age group will be eligible for inoculation.
Mr Kejriwal said the Delhi government has already received 4.5 lakh vaccines and now they are distributing them in all districts.
He appealed to every citizen that the vaccination is not walk-in yet, so please don’t queue at the centres.
The Delhi Chief Minister assured that everyone will be given appointments for vaccination and they should get their registrations done online.
Mr Kejriwal said, ”In one way today is symbolic as the vaccination drive has started only at one centre from today onwards, for those between 18-44 years. We have already received 4.5 lakh vaccines and now we are distributing them in all districts. From the day after tomorrow which is May 3, the vaccination drive on a large scale will start in Delhi. It’s my request to everybody, it’s not walk-in yet, so please don’t queue up outside the vaccination centres. Everybody will get an appointment, you make your appointment online and come according to that. Without registration and without an appointment, please don’t come.”
Mr Kejriwal also tweeted ”The vaccination process for those above the age of 18 years has begun today. The arrangements at Polyclinic Vaccine Centre at Saraswati Vihar have been reviewed. As soon as Delhi gets the consignment of vaccines, we will boost the vaccination drive in Delhi.”
He said that Delhi is facing an acute oxygen crisis; their demand is of 976 MT oxygen per day but the Centre has allotted just 490 MT and yesterday they received just 312 MT.
Mr Kejriwal said the Delhi government is cracking down on black marketing of medicines but right now the most important thing is Oxygen.
He said that the Delhi government has set up the infrastructure of beds for COVID patients but unable to start because of the Oxygen crisis.
The Official Twitter handle of the Delhi Chief Minister’s office had put out, “Responding to the question regarding oxygen shortage Chief Minister of Delhi, Shri Arvind Kejriwal said that as opposed to the demand of 976 MT, only 490 MT oxygen has been allocated to Delhi and is getting only 312 MT. If given what is required, then we can increase 9000 beds in the next 24 hours.”
Talking about the oxygen scarcity in the Capital, Mr Kejriwal said, ”We are facing a lot of trouble regarding oxygen. Even today, we received SOS calls from hospitals all across Delhi – with only one hour of oxygen left or only half an hour of oxygen left. A lot of difficult situations are emerging. We have conveyed it to the courts as well as written to the Central Government that Delhi has a requirement of 976 metric tonnes per day. Against the 976 metric tonnes, we have been allotted 490 metric tonnes Oxygen, but we are not even getting the 490 metric tonnes.”
He further put forward ”Yesterday, 312 metric tonnes were provided. So as against 976 metric tonnes needed by Delhi, if only 312 metric tonnes are being provided, then how are things supposed to work out? Today there is a huge uproar in most hospitals. Many hospitals have said that they will have to turn down their patients. Delhi needs Oxygen. Therefore, I appeal to all those listening and those who are the decision-makers that Delhi needs Oxygen. Give us Oxygen.”
Talking about why patients are asked to wait outside hospitals, he said, ”It is only because of oxygen.
In Radha Soami Satsang Beas we have prepared 5,000 beds but only 150 beds are functional because there is no oxygen. In the Commonwealth Games and Yamuna Sports Complex, we have prepared for 1,300 beds; but there is no oxygen. In Burari we have arranged for 2,500 beds. If we get oxygen today the 9,000 oxygenated beds will be ready in Delhi within 24 hours. There is no oxygen. Delhi does not produce its own oxygen, to whom do we go, from whom should we borrow oxygen?”
With regard to the black-marketing of Remdesivir and ambulance facilities, Mr Kejriwal responded, ”I just want to say that had we received the Oxygen supplies and were able to create the beds, then an official system could have been prepared. One could also have received the doctor prescribed medicines there. Now whoever is getting whatever is laying their hands on them. The Government is also taking action on this.”
”The enforcement and police teams and the Delhi Government teams are catching hold of all those engaged in black-marketing. But the only way to tackle this is by increasing the number of beds on a large scale, in particular, the oxygen beds. Whoever is falling ill in this disease, needs Oxygen in the first place. The oxygen level drops and the patient needs oxygen. As soon as the oxygen levels of the patient showed 88-89 and immediately Oxygen is provided to them, then their lives can be saved. But the people are unable to get Oxygen,” Mr Kejriwal said.


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