Rs.10 lakh aid to children orphaned due to covid: EG Collector

Kakinada, May 26(UNI) East Godavari Collector D. Muralidhara Reddy has handed over Rs.10 lakh aid to each of the guardians of the children orphaned due to Covid , at a function held at the collectorate here on Wednesday.

Among the orphaned children received the aid include 11 year old girl from Thimmapuram village and two children of a same family from Gokavaram village .Collector Muralidhara reddy has interacted with the 11 year old girl Saranya whose parents died of covid recently .

Collector further said that Rs. 10 lakh would be deposited in the orphaned child’s account which can be withdrawn after attaining the age of 25 years.

However they can utilize the interest either monthly or trimonthly for their education and other requirements.

`The eligibility for the aid was that the children should be below 18 years age and lost parents due to covid and family income should be below poverty line .

They should submit report of parents death due to covid and not received any insurance benefit from insurance companies ’ he clarified.


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