AIIMS contribution in Covid crisis is commendable: Harshvardhan

New Delhi, Sep 25 (UNI) Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare Harsh Vardhan on Friday urged the students to “aggressively and meticulously” brainstorm ideas that would help strengthen the medical services and position the country among top scientific nations. Taking part in the 65th foundation day celebrations of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in the national capital, Dr Harsh Vardhan congratulated AIIMS for being at the top position among the medical institutes included in the National Institute Rankings by the Education Ministry and said AIIMS was constantly working to achieve high standards in health care services, education and research.

He described as “highly commendable” the contribution of AIIMS in the smooth running of medical facilities through medicine and tele-counselling, saying “I appreciate that in the last six months AIIMS has taken a huge responsibility in providing care to patients suffering from Covid-19, innovating in areas of research, guiding colleagues across the country and developing new methods of teaching and communication. It has fulfilled the objectives of its establishment by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences Act, 1956. It has always sought to achieve a high standard in healthcare services, education and research.”

On this day in 1956, AIIMS started the first batch of its Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) classes.

He thanked AIIMS for its extensive contribution during the Covid-19 epidemic. He said, “More than 5 million patients were infected with the Coronavirus, but India’s health care system not only performed very efficiently in the field of diagnosis, but also performed better in management facilities. In addition, the number of deaths was minimal and the number of recovered patients was maximum. ”

He said, “I appreciate that in the last six months, AIIMS has taken on a great responsibility for the care of patients suffering from Covid-19 and has innovated in the field of research, mentoring peers across the country and providing teaching and information and developed new methods.”

About the fight against Covid-19, he said “We have successfully expanded our screening capabilities. Today,

a new record of about 1.5 million tests has been set, with more than 1,800 testing laboratories operating across the country. I am confident of the ongoing work towards treatment and vaccine of Covid-19 and the country will soon have more success in the fight against Covid-19. ”

On the occasion, Union Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Ashwini Kumar Choubey appreciated the tireless and selfless work of doctors in the crisis period of the pandemic. He said AIIMS has built a better reputation and has made significant contributions in the fields of education, research and patient care. Students from USA, UK, Australia, and Germany come to study in AIIMS, New Delhi, which was a great achievement.

He also said that AIIMS was an institution of its kind with state-of-the-art facilities. The government was making efforts to expand the services of AIIMS to every corner of the country.

At the ceremony, Dr Harsh Vardhan and Mr Choubey presented awards and medals to the students who passed the graduation examination and the members of the Faculty.

The Union Minister inaugurated the AIIMS exhibition in the Covid period showing the contribution of AIIMS.

Prof Digambar Behera of PGIMER, Chandigarh, Prof Randeep Guleria, Director AIIMS, Dr Anita Saxena, Dean (Academics), AIIMS New Delhi, Dr Peush Sahni, Chairman, Scientific Exhibition Committee and other senior doctors were also present at the event, an official release .


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