OPDs suspended in private hospitals, doctors work with black bands as mark of protest

New Delhi, Dec 11 (UNI) The OPD services at the private hospitals on Friday remained suspended as a mark of protest, while many Allopathic doctors worked with a black ribbon tied on their arm, in support of the protest against the government decision, allowing the Ayurvedic physicians to perform surgeries. The demonstrations across the country were held between 0600 hrs to 1800 hrs.

The Indian Medical Association had called for this protest across the country against the government decision to permit several kind of surgeries, to be performed by the Indian system of medicine physicians in their ways.

Recently, the government had released a notification that Post Graduate Ayurveda doctors will be allowed to learn 58 kind of surgeries and can also practice the same independently.

The IMA has opposed the making of committees by the Niti Aayog, and said that these will only promote mixopathy, and it is demanding that these committees must be dissolved and the notification must be rolled back.

IMA has said that allopathy doctors across all districts in the country did not render their services today and also staged hunger strikes at several places.

OPD services were shut across the country, according to IMA.

Only emergency services and treatment of COVID patients were carried on, without any hiccup.

IMA has once again said that other than allopathy, no other system of medicine has anasthesia, back-up support during operation, and post operative care.


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