37 employees of State Civil Services promoted

Gangtok, Almost 37 State civil servants in Sikkim have been promoted, among them nine from Under Secretaries to Deputy Secretaries.
One Deputy Secretary is promoted to Joint Secretary. Nearly 26 Joint Secretaries are also Additional Secretaries, and one Additional Director is also an officiating Director.
As far as Police are concerned 167 of the 1992 batch, have been promoted as the Assistant Sub- Inspectors.
Earlier on Tuesday, the Chief Minister visited Sikkim Armed Police Camp. There was a ceremony of thanksgiving. The recruits of 1992 have been serving in the same grade and stagnating for a long.
CM lauded the achievements of the Police in the State and announced allowing special funds for Investigation cum Tours as also Traffic Management. And set up a Police Memorial in town. He highlighted the timely and important promotions being granted by his Government.


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