IIM Kashipur and Dr Tolia Uttarakhand Academy of Administration signed MoU to improve governance and development of Uttarakhand

Two prestigious institutes of Uttarakhand state, Indian Institute of Management Kashipur and Dr. R S Tolia Uttarakhand Academy of Administration Nainital, signed MoU to improve
governance and development. MoU signing ceremony was organized at campus of Dr R S
Tolia Uttarakhand Academy of Administration , Nainital. At the ceremony, Sri Bhagawati
Prasad Pandey, Director General of academy, and Dr. Kulbhushan Balooni, Director, Indian
Institute of Management Kashipur, represented their respective institutes and briefed about
their objectives and road ahead. The managerial knowledge to cater needs of good
governance in dynamic democracy is need of the hour and both institutes will make
contribution towards its continuous improvement and development.
These two institutes will be working jointly towards capacity building initiatives, undertaking
research projects, exchanging faculty for mutually agreed programmes and working as
training partner to conduct different courses in the field of public administration and good
governance. Such initiatives will be implemented in the form of conducting training need
assessment, designing course outlines as per training needs of civil servants and organizing
training programmes as per mutual convenience.

“Mision Karmyogi” an initiative of central government is being implemented in state of
Uttarakhand, where IIM Kashipur is playing vital role. The institute has been discharged with
three major responsibilities. First, carrying out ‘training needs assessment’ (TNA) of civil
servants working with Uttarakhand government. Second, developing training programmes
and learning modules based on training need assessment. Digitalisation of all these training
and learning module, which will be integrated with iGOT platform of national programme for
civil services capacity building (Karmyogi Bharat). Third responsibility is to provide faculty
for courses/training programmes in the management domain required for public
administration and good governance.

This ceremony was attended by Sri V K Singh Deputy Director (Computer), Sri Sudhir
Kumar Deputy Director, Sri S N Naganyal Deputy Director, Ms Poonam Pathak Deputy
Director (Economics), Sri Manoj Pandey In-charge Urban Development Cell and Smt.
Meenu Pathak, Cell Coordinator of Uttarakhand Academy of Administration Nainital. Prof.
Kunal, Principal investigator of “Mission Karmyogi” project at IIM Kashipur was present
with his team members Prof. Venkat Raghavan and Prof. Devjani Chatterjee.

IIM Kashipur can make significant contribution towards policy development by providing
inputs after analyzing data available with different departments/units of Uttarakhand
Dr. Kulbhushan Balooni, Director, IIM Kashipur


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