Jammu Declaration a replica of Dixon plan, breaks Jammu into smithereens

JAMMU, Oct 23: Dangerous moves are afoot to break Jammu Province into smithereens and help jihadi forces in Kashmir further subjugate the already rather suffering people of this province. The worst part is that it is none other than the so-called messiah of Jammu and nationalist BJP which is playing with dangerous tools and compromising the paramount national interest in its desperate bid to placate the separatists in Kashmir. The unstinted support of the BJP to the so-called Jammu Declaration only proves that it has deviated from the novel  path PM Narendra Modi and HM Amit Shah charted on August 5, 2019 by abrogating divisive Article 370 and discriminatory Article 35A, creating UT of Ladakh and granting UT status to the leftover J&K. This was stated here today in press conference by Ikkjutt Jammu patron Prof Hari Om.

 “Jammu Declaration does not empower people of Jammu province. It further disempowers them. Nor does it unite them. It, like the Abdullahs, the Muftis, the Lones and the Bukharis, further sharpens and accentuates the faultlines they wilfully created over the years in the otherwise distinct political, cultural, ethnic, historical and cultural Jammu province to pit one section of people against another so that they could create Greater Muslim Kashmir. Jammu Declaration, like Jihadi forces in the Valley, divides Jammu province into ‘sub-regions’, including the so-called Chenab Valley and Pirpanjal Valley. It deliberately suppresses the fact Rajouri, Poonch, Doda, Ramban and Kishtwar districts are located in the same Pirpanjal Mountain range, the natural barrier between Jammu province and Kashmir”, said Prof Hari Om. He added that, unlike the obnoxious 1950 Dixon Plan, which splits Jammu province into two parts, Jammu declaration splits Jammu province into many regions. He further said, “Jammu Declaration is virtually a carbon copy of the March 1, 2015 BJP-PDP divisive and Kashmir-centric Agenda of Alliance”. 

Ikkjutt rejects out of hand the Jammu Declaration and asks the BJP to clear its stand on the political future of the people of Jammu province vis-a-vis jihadi leadership in Kashmir and the divisive sub-region concept. BJP just cannot fool the people of Jammu province by maintaining disparate Jammu province and Kashmir Valley as one political unit and promising a fair play and justice to the people of Jammu province through its Jammu Declaration at the same time, said Prof Hari Om.

Prof Hari Om said: “Separate Jammu State is the watchword, the battle-cry and the gospel of political redemption of the enslaved, excluded, marginalized and exploited people of Jammu province and they will not accept anything short of full statehood status for the Jammu province, which is also a national requirement and exigency of the time”. Ikkjutt Jammu is committed to achieve its goal by all means.

Prof Hari Om urged the PM and the HM to bring a bill in the Winter Session of Parliament creating separate Jammu state and appealed to the people of Jammu province to come on the Ikkjutt Jammu platform to fight for the national cause as well as the Jammu cause so that the impending danger is averted and Jammu province and its people secured and fully empowered socially, culturally, politically and economically.


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