Mah: Three day state level fencing competition to be held in Kolhapur

Kolhapur, Oct 19 : Three -day state level senior group fencing championship competition will be held on

October 23, to be inaugurated by Satej Patil, minister of state for home, who is also the district guardian minister, it was announced on Tuesday.

It is jointly organised by Kolhapur Fencing Association, D Y Patil University and Shivaji University at Jijausaheb Multi-purpose Hall of Shivaji University (Kolhapur).

Ruturaj Patil, MLA and trustee of D Y Patil education society said in a statement that the competition would be held in three groups including EP, Foil and Denver.

About 500 fencers from across the state, will participate in this three day competition, it added.

Fencing is a sport derived from duelling, played by two opponents on a strip or ‘piste’ 2m by 12m long. The object is to score ‘hits’ or ‘touches’ on your opponent. A given number of hits (usually from five to 15) make up a ’bout’, and the first player to score that number wins the bout.


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