NEP 2020 focuses on critical thinking, lays stress on passion, practicality & performance: PM

New Delhi, Sep 7 (UNI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said that the New Education Policy 2020 goes ahead of the curriculum to focus on critical thinking and lays stress on passion, practicality and performance.

Addressing the inaugural session of the Governors’ Conference on National Education Policy through video conferencing here, the PM said,’the New Education Policy focuses on learning instead of studying and goes ahead of the curriculum to focus on critical thinking. In this policy, we have stressed on passion, practicality and performance.’

The PM said that the NEP will prepare the youth of the country with knowledge and skills as per the future requirements.

‘With vocational exposure right from early age, our youth will get better prepared for life. Our youth’s participation in the global job market and employability in India will increase with practical learning,’the PM said.

Stating that the Government was striving to make India into a knowledge economy in the 21st century, he said the new education policy has paved the way for tackling the brain drain and also for setting up the best international institutions in campus in India for the youth of ordinary families.

‘ NEP 2020 has opened the way for establishment of best international institutions’ campus across the country and this will play an important role in tackling brain drain and will allow the youth from ordinary families to receive world-class education in India.

When top campuses will open in India, our students will get more competitive and will not have to go abroad for quality education,’the PM said.

The prime minister expressed confidence that NEP 2020 will give direction to country’s goal of Aatmanirbhar Bharat and help India become more self-reliant in future.

“True knowledge liberates minds. With the new NEP 2020, youth can study subjects as per their interest. New Education Policy is important for fulfilling national aspirations,” the PM said.


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