‘Shot that Leopard’ film to be screened at historic Gaiety Theatre

Shimla, Nov 25(UNI) This capital town living in the horror of prowling leopards after hunting of two kits in span of last three months, will witness the screening of ‘ Shot that Leopard’ during three days international film festival at the historic gaiety theatre here, it was announced on Thursday.
The Director of the festival Pushp Raj Thakur said that seventh edition of Intl Film Festival being held at Gaiety Theatre here from November 26 to 28 will see the screening of ‘Shoot That Leopard’, even while the people of town are living under its terror.
The 52 Minutes documentary film shot in Shimla and Uttarakhand by Mumbai based director Sohail and Shabnam Jaaferi revealed the ongoing struggle between leopards and human being. Two characters were portrayed in the film in which one shoots the leopard with his gun and second shoots it with his camera.
Interestingly this town hosting the Film Festival is also witnessing a similar real life drama these days, as State Wild life officials are battling a similar situation between leopards and humans.
There is struggle for existence betwen wild animals and human, Director of the festival said that when the state human rights commission have issued the directive to capture or shoot leopards with help of camera traps or issued death warrant to eliminate it.
Apart from this a short film ‘T-shop at Narkanda’ based on the novel of Sumit, Raj, Vashisht by Kullu based Filmproducers Nachiketa Das would be screened in the festival.

A film on the issue of child labour and educational disadvantaged to village children, under the aegis of Himachal Pradesh Language Arts & Culture Department, A life story of an young, engineer turned film director, Vabhav ‘five point three’ who decided to quit his profession after realizing his true self while traveling in the hills of Himachal would also be screened in the film festival.
Director Pinaki Singh’s Feature Film Cinnamon, is a story of a young who in quest for his companion while living in a big city of Orissa. West Bengal’s director, Maurya Sharma’s film ‘Seapad’ is beautiful experiment of an ‘artistic aesthetics in which a woman explains her sexuality and heart through her art.

Viju Topi, who is National film award winner Ranchi based film maker of Jharkhand’s would screen his culture enrich film ‘Saroi Jharkhand’ based upon the festival of Santhal tribe being celebrate in the month of ‘Kartik’.
The famous filmmaker and social activist of Jarhkhand ‘Meghnath”s one, animation, film, ‘Munda’, is
based upon the prevalent culture of tribe folk, this story is about Mundari, Srishti Katha.


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