Govt tweaked iron ore export rules, caused a loss of Rs 12 thousand crore to exchequer, claims Congress

New Delhi, Oct 8 (UNI) Congress on Thursday accused the government of adjusting the rules allegedly in view of favoring its corporate friends in the export of iron ore.

Speaking to reporters here, Congress spokesman Pawan Khera alleged that Narendra Modi led government has caused a loss of Rs 12,000 crore to the exchequer in the form of duty fee.

The Congress alleged that the happenings in the steel ministry and industry have serious consequences for the entire nation and further in light of the same demanded an investigation must be initiated in the same to expose the corruption since 2014.

Khera accused the government of violating principles for favouring its favourite corporates, some private players of the industry.

He further said that export of iron ore before the year 2014 was only done by Metals and Minerals Trading Corporation of India (MMTC) which was only allowed to do the same.

Khera further alleged that Corporate-Modi alliance since 2014 has harmed the country in different ways. This time the government has allowed the theft of essential national resources. These resources are the backbone of economic growth but are now in the hand of selected private companies and by not paying the export duty the private players have robbed the government of around Rs 12,000 crore in duty fee.

As per Congress leader’s claim, since the year 2014 the private firms have exported iron ore to an estimate of worth “Rs 40,000 crore”, in violation of law as they did not have the license for doing the same.

He added that under the Foreign Trade Development and Regulation Act 1992, these private players are liable to a penalty of Rs 2,00,000 crore for this gross illegality.

Congress questioned whether the change in policy of removing export duty for iron ore pellets done in consultation with all stakeholders, and which firms have exported the ore in this manner since 2014 and other questions regarding the same, and added saying that with things like these, the people have lost faith in the government as this expose also proves that the PM Modi led government is pro-corporate than India first, Khera added.


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