Italian drug regulator backs Reciprocal Approval of Covid-19 Vaccines

Rome, Oct 18 (UNI/Sputnik) Italy is exploring reciprocal recognition of Russian and Chinese Covid-19 vaccines to expand freedom of travel for those inoculated with non-EU approved vaccinations, Director of the Italian Medicines Agency Nicola Magrini said.
“Increasing control of the epidemic and the resumption of travel imply a shift towards reciprocity in vaccination. We are looking for every possible solution to guarantee the inherent right to free movement of people, this is an important right. Students, families and workers must be able to travel, even if they have been immunized with vaccines other than those permitted in the EU,” Magrini told the Corriere della Sera newspaper in a commentary published Monday.
Currently, vaccination with Russia’s Sputnik V or Chinese vaccines does not give the right to receive a green pass in Italy, which creates numerous problems for foreigners working in the country, especially after Covid-19 certificates became a mandatory condition for access to the workplace. Representatives of the Italian medical authorities have repeatedly promised to resolve this problem.
Last week, Italian Ambassador to Moscow Giorgio Starace said that Italy would not recognize Sputnik V at the national level without the consent of the European Union, but would do everything possible to speed up the procedures for recognizing the Russian drug in European institutions.


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