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Cyclone Tauktae: Navy presses more assets in SAR Ops for Barge...

New Delhi, May 18 (UNI) Stepping up further the Search and Rescue Operation in the Bombay High area in Arabian Sea, the Indian Naval Ships Beas, Betwa and Teg joined INS Kochi and Kolkata for undergoing Search and Rescue (SAR) operations for Barge P-305, which sank 35 nautical miles from Mumbai (in the Mumbai Offshore Development Area). “SAR has also been augmented with P8I and naval helicopters, who continue to undertake aerial search in the area. Since the commencement of the SAR from May 17 evening, 180 survivors have been recovered so far”, the spokesperson of Indian Navy said .

Indian Army successfully test fires BrahMos Missile

New Delhi, Nov 24 (UNI) The Indian Army on Tuesday successfully launched its BrahMos supersonic cruise missile in a 'top-attack' configuration, hitting a target in the Bay of Bengal. Over a month back, naval version of the BrahMos Missile was successfully flight tested from the indigenously-built stealth destroyer INS Chennai, hitting a target in the Arabian Sea.
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