COVID-19 pandemic led to increase in cybercrimes, their victims

Moscow, Dec 7 (Sputnik) The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the number of cybercrimes and their victims, although their rate has had strange fluctuations, Eugene Kaspersky, the CEO of Russian IT security company Kaspersky Lab said on Monday.
“There has been only one change – there are more of them [cybercrimes] and there are more victims. In fact, it was interesting to monitor what was happening to cybercrimes as the whole world went on lockdown. In April, all indicators went up and in May, everything dropped. Why? During summer everything once again went up and reached new numbers,” Kaspersky said.
The expert confessed that he did not know why this was the case exactly, venturing to guess that criminals earned so much money at the beginning of the lockdown that it took some time for them to monetize what they had already earned.
Following the beginning of the pandemic, the world started to rely on digital technology even more in order to limit human contact and hinder the spread of the infection. This, however, has made people more vulnerable to outside interference and hacking attacks.


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