Islami Andolan BD demands withdrawal of sedition cases against its leaders

Dhaka, Dec 9 (UNI) Islami Andolan Bangladesh has demanded withdrawal of the sedition cases filed against its senior nayeb-e-amir Syed Muhammad Faizul Karim and Hefazat-e-Islami leaders Junaid Babunagari and Mamnul Haque.

It has also asked for containment of the quarters opposing the religious leaders’ stance of not installing sculpture or idols.

Islami Andolan said this while addressing a press conference at Purana Paltan in Dhaka a day after sedition cases were lodged against the trio in Dhaka court for their remarks against installation of a sculpture of the country’s founding president Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

The party amir Syed Muhammad Rezaul Karim also warned of a greater movement if their demands were not met.

He also termed those opposing their stance against installation of sculpture and idols as ‘isolated from people’, beneficiary and ‘conspirators’ active to create instability and division among the country’s people.

Rezaul said that sculpture and idols were the same and their opinion about them was the reflection of the country’s 90 per cent people who are Muslims.

He alleged that the conspirator’s target was to hinder the government’s development activities and overall harmony, peace and discipline.

Responding to a question about the type of their greater movement, IAB senior Nayebe amir Faizul said that the time, environment and situation would ascertain the type.


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