Punjab:About 6,000 schools converted into Smart Schools

Chandigarh, Sep 10 (UNI) About 6000 schools have been converted into smart schools in Punjab so far under the initial drive of Education Minister Vijay Inder Singla to create excellent environment in the government schools.
As a result, enrollment in government schools has increased by 14.55 per cent this year and about 160,000 students of private schools have take admission in the government schools. The number of students in government schools in 2019 was 23,52,112 which has increased to 26,94,424 this year.
According to a spokesperson of the School Education Department, Mr Singla had launched the smart school policy in September 2019 to raise the standard of education. The main objective of this policy was to uplift the school infrastructure and revolutionize the education sector. Under this campaign, the face of 6,000 schools has been changed in a one year.
The spokesperson said village panchayats, various leaders, communities, donors, school management committees, NRIs and school staff have made invaluable contribution in this drive to build smart schools. The education department has now decided to honor these individuals, who came forward to improve the school infrastructure and support the smart school campaign.
He said the condition of classrooms, playgrounds, education parks, science laboratories and toilets in schools has been improved. This has led to an increase in the performance of students which is evident from the results of government schools this year. These smart schools are completely different from normal schools.
Smart schools are technology based learning institutions which are playing the significant role in the overall development of students, he added.
Each smart school has a separate classroom for each section according to the student-teacher ratio. They are quite open, airy and have green/white boards.
According to the spokesperson, separate toilets are provided for boys and girls There is provision for separate rooms in smart schools for principals/headmasters and staff rooms in addition, science laboratories, vocational laboratories etc. has also been ensured.


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