200 new trains to be run in festive season

New Delhi, Oct 1 (UNI) Railways is planning to run about 200 new special trains during the coming festive season. Announcing this, Railway Board Chairman Vinod Kumar Yadav told a press conference on Thursday that new special trains will be run between October 15 and November 30 in view of Navratri, Diwali and Chhath.

He said, “It is estimated that about 200 trains will be run. More trains can also be run if needed.”

Mr Yadav said in view of festivals, all General Managers of Railways have been asked to see the demanded generated on a route during last year’s festive season. Keeping in mind the Covid-19 pandemic, simultaneously, the state governments are also being consulted regarding the running of trains.

Apart from this, the demand for seats in the existing 230 special trains and 40 special clone trains is being seen through Artificial Intelligence. More than one clone train will also be run on the routes on which the waiting list is long. Clone trains have been run on routes on which special express trains had significantly longer waiting lists.

Mr Yadav said that it is not necessary that new special trains will be announced simultaneously. According to

the demand, two-three trains can also be announced in a day.


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