Release pending film grants,honorariums at once: AIMFIC to Mah govt

Kolhapur, Sep 7 (UNI) All India Marathi Film Industry Corporation(AIMFIC) on Monday urged the Maharashtra government to release the grants pending for nearly 200 films as the money was stalled due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Commenting over the matter, AIMFIC President Meghraj Rajebhosale mentioned, “As per the government’s decision, ‘A’ class Marathi film receive Rs 40 lakh, B class-Rs 30 lakh and C class-Rs 10 lakh.”

“In 2019, the government had given Rs six crore grants. But, this year no provision has been made yet,” he added.

Underscoring the plight of senior artists, he said they have not received their honorariums since past three months. Upon inquiry, he further said, the officials say no money has been allocated by the state yet owing to the pandemic.

“Albeit the government has allowed the resumption of shooting but the films can’t be made as the artists aren’t fervently coming back to sets.Time and again, several producers have highlighted such difficulties as they are incurring multi-crore losses,” he asserted.

He sought, “On these grounds, the government should make special provision for grants and also disburse honorariums to senior artists at the earliest.”


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