Bhupendra Singh Hooda raised his voice against excesses happening on farmers

Gohana (Sonipat) Oct 26 (UNI) Former Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition Bhupendra Singh Hooda has strongly opposed the excesses happening to farmers.

Hooda is campaigning in Baroda light village Thaska, Mahra, Bhainswan Khurd, Rukhi, Putti, Rabhra, Moi Hooda and Rivada today. On this occasion, he said that in the present government, farmers are not being given proper rates for their crops. By imposing three new anti-agriculture laws, the annadata has been left on the verge of ruin. If the peasants oppose this, then lathis are showered on them and they are sent to jail after filing false cases on them.
Bhupendra Singh Hooda said that the Baroda by-election is an opportunity to get rid of the excesses and dictatorship of the present government. Therefore, people should consider it not just a legislator , but an election to form their government in the state. Giving the example of a grand by-election, he pointed out that just as that by-election shook the foundation of the Lok Dal government , the Baroda by-election would work to shake the roots of the present government.


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