BJP’s attempt to project farmers’ agitation as part of foreign conspiracy is deplorable: Cong

Pune, Dec 12 (UNI) The Congress unit of Maharashtra on Saturday accused the BJP of attempting to humiliate and degrade farmers of the country and using former officers to malign the ongoing farmers’ agitation.

Maharashtra State Spokesperson of Congress Party Mr Gopal Tiwari asked the former officers to talk responsibly instead of maligning the farmers agitation by making baseless allegations.

Mr Gopal made the observation while participating in a television channel discussion on whether China and Pakistan have any role in the ongoing farmers’ agitation.

During the discussion former Director General of Police Mr Prashant Dixit went to the extent of expressing possibility of urban naxals being a part of the farmers’ agitation and making shocking and baseless allegations.

Retaliating to this, Tiwari demanded to know on basis of which facts had he arrived at such a conclusion and sought to know if it was true, what preventive measures had been taken to curb it.

He also insisted that former bureaucrats and retired officers must talk responsibly while expressing them and condemned him sternly for degrading the ‘honest battle of farmers’.

He lamented that the ruling party was involved in maligning the entire farmers’ agitation, its narrative and goals and that some former IAS and IPS officers and fourth pillar of the democracy were also succumbing to the evil design and acting as agents of the ruling party. He said it was tragic for the democracy in the country.


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