BSE StAR MF Records Positive Net Equity Inflow Once Again in August 2020

Kolkata, Sep 10 (UNI) Continuing its stellar performance, BSE StAR MF, India’s largest Mutual Funds Distributor platform is moving consistently towards transforming itself into a unique end-to-end-value based platform. BSE StAR MF continues to maintain the investors trust amidst market volatility contributing Net Equity Inflow of Rs.667 Cr as compared to industry’s total of Rs.-4,000 Cr in Aug’20.
BSE StAR MF also set a record of highest monthly transaction of 73.34 lakh in Aug’20 as well as second highest single day transaction of 11.40 lakh on 10th Aug’20 vs current best of 11.58 lakhs processed on 13th Apr’20.

Despite the nationwide pandemic and lockdown extension, BSE StAR MF has helped AMCs, members and their clients in smooth paperless transactions.

Overall, the platform achieved 57% of the transaction which is 3.28 Cr. during FY 20-21(Apr-Aug) as compared to 5.75 Cr. transactions during FY 19-20.

BSE StAR MF Key Highlights:

For Aug’20 it was Rs. 25,128 Cr. compared to Rs. 14,714 Cr. on Aug’19, a significant growth of 71% Turnover for Q1 FY 20-21 was Rs. 85,419.71 Cr as compared to Rs. 43,367 Cr for Q1 FY 19-20, an excellent increase by 97 % Net Equity Inflow:
For Aug ’20 it was Rs. 667 Cr compared to Rs. 653 Cr for Jul ’20, a rise by 2% Net Equity inflow during Q1 of FY 20-21 is Rs.9,181 Cr compared to Rs. 4,079 Cr for Q1 FY 19-20 a remarkable growth 125% Transactions:
For Aug ’20 it was 73.34 lakh an increase by 7% as compared to 68.72 lakh for Jul’20 For Aug ’20 it was 73.34 lakh as compared to 41.71 lakh for Aug ’19, a growth of 76%. Transactions during Q1 of FY 20-21 was 1.86 Cr as compared to 1.22 Cr during Q1 of FY 19-20, a tremendous growth by 52%.
SIP Book Size:
Total StAR MF’s SIP book size is 50.10 lakh as on date. For Aug ’20 the platform registered 3.47 lakh new SIPs amounting to Rs. 86.59 Cr. For July’20 the platform registered 3.07 lakh new SIPs amounting to Rs.76.04 Cr.
Distributor count has seen multi-fold increase to 57,697 as on date.
BSE StAR MF App (StAR MF Mobility) has processed over 8.47 lakh transactions since its launch, amounting to Rs. 5,990 Cr.
The app was launched to help distributors and IFAs (Independent Financial Advisors) register clients on real-time basis and execute paperless transactions.
Because of the superior support system and distribution reach of BSE StAR MF, the platform has grown exponentially with over 57,697 registered distributors in India


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