Centre continues to disregard feeling of people of J&K, alleges Soz

Srinagar, Nov 3 (UNI) Alleging that central government wants to implement its pre-planned agenda in Jammu and Kashmir, senior Congress leader Prof Saifuddin Soz on Tuesday said any change in the land law will create unease in the minds of people.

He further alleged that the pre-planned agenda of the Centre is not going to yield any advantage to it.

One fails to understand the urgency of the Central Government to do everything that is unpalatable to the people of J&K, the former Union Minister Soz said adding, “our land laws were finalized in the present form during Maharaja Hari Singh’s time.”

The paramount condition was that the land both agricultural and non-agricultural would be purchased by the people genuinely domiciled in J&K State, he said adding that the popular government did not change these laws and effected some changes in these laws in the J & K Legislative Assembly, democratically.

Prof Soz said the successive governments ensured that any transfer of ownership of land took place amongst the bonafide residents of J&K State only. Now, the Central government seems to be dead-set to cause unease in minds by entitling outsiders to buy land in J&K State. One can ask why the Central government is interested in amending land laws at this stage, he said.

He said the spokesperson for J&K Union Territory government tried uselessly to convince J&K people that the amendment in land law was being affected genuinely. The Union Government should leave all such matters to the duly elected government in future.

Meanwhile, some people in Jammu have threatened agitation on this issue. They will be justified to agitate against the proposed amendment, he said.


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