Centre failed completely to save North India from pollution: Sisodia

New Delhi, Oct 13 (UNI) Expressing concern over increasing pollution across Northern India due to stubble burning, Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Tuesday said that this year, due to the Novel Coronavirus crisis, stubble pollution has become very deadly.

‘The Central government has completely failed to save North India from pollution.’ Addressing a press conference here at the Media Centre of the Delhi Secretariat, Mr Sisodia demanded immediate concrete steps from the Central Government to stop pollution in North India.

He said the Delhi Government is continuously making efforts to stop pollution throughout the year, while ‘the Central Government keeps sitting idle and engages in tokenism, when pollution levels increase’.

The Deputy Chief Minister pointed out that the smoke of crop burning from neighbouring states has started showing its effect this time also.
‘The Delhi Government has consistently taken many concrete steps over the years to tackle pollution. We are also continuously seeing success in reducing Delhi’s pollution,’ he said.

‘Delhi’s green zone has had a record increase, and a large number of new trees have been planted. The new Tree Transplantation policy has also been introduced, so that the green zones continue to grow. ‘Along with installing smog towers and implementing e-vehicle policies, the number of buses have also been increased, to encourage public transport,’ Mr Sisodia said at the conference.

‘The Central Government’s concern about pollution is seen only in these three months of pollution, while the Delhi government has been continuously working on it for years. ‘Despite the Corona crisis, Delhi’s Forest and Environment Minister Gopal Rai continues to work on the streets on multiple measures to prevent pollution,’ he added.

Mr Sisodia said. ‘Parali (stubble burning) is not just a problem of Delhi neither is it a gift of Delhi. The entire North India is affected and disturbed by the problem of stubble burning, but the Central Government sits by idly.’

‘The Central Government as a complete failure when it comes to the matter of stopping pollution. The entire Northern part of India is suffering the adverse consequences of the Central Government’s inaction,’ he added. He said that stubble pollution has become a more deadly threat this year, when combined with Coronavirus.

Mr Sisodia said, ‘We should not only talk about the pollution of Delhi but of the entire North India. ‘When the stubble pollution reaches Delhi and shows such an effect, then it is a matter of great concern for the people of villages in Punjab where its smoke must have risen,’ he said.

Mr Sisodia questioned why the Central Government is not worried about this. ‘Why does the Central Government not take any concrete steps to save the lives of the citizens of North India?,’ he asked. Mr Sisodia also questioned the role of EPCA and urged them to take concrete steps.

He questioned the role of EPCA. ‘Why has it been so unsuccessful in getting pollution control from the respective states?’ ‘Like those State governments, EPCA also seems to fail in pollution control,’ he said.

Mr Sisodia emphasised that the Central Government will have to take the responsibility for preventing pollution throughout North India. ‘Due to the inactivity of the Centre in cases like stubble pollution, smoke from Punjab or Haryana reaches Delhi,’ he said.

The Deputy Chief Minister reiterated at the conference that ‘just as the Delhi Government keeps making concerted efforts to curb pollution throughout the year, the Central Government will also have to take the responsibility of making all of North India pollution-free’.

‘In this, the failure of the Centre Government’s inaction is affecting crores of citizens of entire North India,’ he said.


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