Delhi CM encourages children to be part of anti-dengue campaign

New Delhi, Oct 4 (UNI) Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has encouraged the children to be a part of the anti-dengue campaign by inspecting the water stored in their homes.
The campaign is ‘Morning 10 am ten minutes on Sunday to inspect the water stored at places like plants pots, coolers, and other such places.
On the fifth Sunday of the campaign, Delhi CM also checked the water at his place and changed the same, and he asked the children and encouraged them to be part of this campaign and take up the ten minute activity of checking the clean water at their homes and also asked them to call up their friends and also ask them to be part of this campaign to fight dengue.
He said ‘The mega anti-dengue campaign by the people of Delhi is going on. On the fifth Sunday of the campaign I have checked and changed the water at my place and ruled out the possibility of the breeding of the dengue mosquitos.’ ‘I appeal all Delhiites to do that on every Sunday for 10 weeks at 10 in the morning for 10 minutes be part of this anti dengue campaign,’ he said.


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