EuroSchool student Kushal Khemani spreads the joy of learning amidst Covid-19

Kolkata, Oct 28 (UNI) In order to ensure continued, uninterrupted
learning during the pandemic, Kushal Khemani, an 11-year-old grade VI
student of EuroSchool Wakad, set up an on-call support system for
pre-primary teachers to assist them in their move from the traditional
to digital mode of teaching.
In a span of just 40 days, Kushal has helped to impart training
to more than 60 teachers on ways to use Zoom effectively, and
understand MS Office and MS Powerpoint for animated and effective
presentations for hundreds of pre-primary students.
Kushal has also been using his digital prowess to organize virtual
birthday Zoom parties to cheer his friends and family. Kushal started
his own YouTube channel Allspark Infinite in mid-May 2020, to share
his learnings with his classmates, as well as to provide free learning
to underprivileged children.
He has recorded over 40 videos on a variety of topics ranging from
elocution tips, ways to end procrastination, how to prepare word
documents, etc. Kushal also has a blog where he discusses the latest
technologies and different skills to survive the modern world.
At a very young age, Kushal’s thought process resulted in him
designing an app for people who cannot speak. He used technology to
“give voice to their words”. This noble thought has been appreciated
at multiple forums across the globe. His video about a few of his
mobile apps is available at
Speaking about Kushal, Ms. Renuka Dutta, Principal of EuroSchool
Wakad said, “The pedagogy at EuroSchools has been designed so that
students are encouraged to ‘discover their inner strengths’ and bring
their ideas to life. There is a beautiful balance of academics &
extra-curricular initiatives. The focus is to facilitate innovation by
project-based learning, organizing competitions, and building
challenges for children to create and build from their imagination. We
are extremely proud of Kushal as he uses his digital knowledge to
teach other children and teachers, to be tech-savvy.”
Speaking about his mission to empower 10,000 students in the world
to become positive thinkers, Kushal said, “Nurturing talent through
continuous engagement is the key. I believe in learning and
accomplishing more and more each day. The openness in day-to-day
discussions, exposure, motivation that EuroSchool has provided made
the difference. Today is present. Make the most of it. Dream big,
dream to achieve”.
Kushal has also penned a book titled YOU GOT THIS- 11 Secrets to A
Progressive Student Life, where he provides motivational tips to
students to bring about a change and instill positive thinking among
them during these testing times. Kushal is also involved in the Social
Entrepreneurship program with GOODCLAP, where he formed SPARKX Animal
Welfare to rescue and feed animals on a daily basis.


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