India reports less than 50K new daily Covid cases since past 8 days

New Delhi, Nov 15 (UNI) India has reported 41,100 new cases of Covid in the past 24 hours, while 42,156 new recoveries were registered leading to a further contraction of the active caseload.

For the eighth consecutive day, there were less than 50,000 new daily cases reported. The last time daily new cases last crossed the 50K threshold was on November 7, a trend that assumes significance as many countries in Europe and the U S see a surge in their daily numbers, an official statement here said.

Ten states/UTs have contributed 82.87 per cent of the new cases. Of them, Delhi reported 7,340 cases in the past 24 hours followed by Kerala with 6,357 new cases and Maharashtra 4,237 new cases on Saturday.

With more recoveries — 42,156 new recoveries — there has been a further contraction of the Active Caseload. India’s present active caseload of 4,79,216 consists of just 5.44 per cent of India’s total positive cases.

Fifteen states/UTs have cases per million lower than India at 6,387.

New recoveries outnumbering new cases every 24-hour cycle has also improved the recovery rate to 93.09 per cent today. The total recovered cases stand at 82,05,728 widening the gap between recovered and active cases to 77,26,512.

About 79.91 per cent of the new recovered cases were contributed by 10 states/UTs.

With 7,117 persons recovering from Covid, Delhi saw the most number of recoveries. Kerala registered 6,793 daily recoveries while West Bengal reported 4,479 new recoveries.

A whopping 85.01 per cent of the 447 case fatalities reported in the past 24 hours were from 10 states/UTs.

As much as 23.5 per cent of the new fatalities were from Maharashtra which reported 105 deaths. Delhi and West Bengal follow with 96 and 53 new deaths, respectively.


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