Jayakwadi Dam department starts releasing water

Aurangabad, Maharashtra, Sep 12 (UNI) Following the downpour in Nashik districts, catchment areas of upstream dams releasing excess water continued towards one of the biggest dam Jayakwadi in Aurangabad district which was also filled up cent per cent of its total storage capacity.

Water resources department has already started releasing excess water from the dam in to downstream of river. At present, total 9977 cusses water per second including 6288 through 16 sluice gates ,1589 through Hydro Electricity project ,1500 cuses through Left canal and 600 cuses through right canal, the Command Authority Development Area (CADA) official said on Saturday.

He further said that 14007 cuses water per second inflow reaching from upstearm dams located in Nashik and Ahmednagar district via Nandur Madmeswar weir in to Jayakwadi dam of 102 TMC capacity dam which was already filled up 98.62 per cent. Following the heavy inflow the authorities has opened 16 gates out of 28 total gates and started releasing water in to the downstream of basin Godavari, they said.

Most of the weirs on river Godavari were already filled up of its capacity due to the recent water. Respective districts administrations has issued alerts to the all the villagers to do not venture around the basin of river in view of flooded water entering in their villages, sources added.

Meanwhile, the return monsoon has been lashing across the different parts of Marathwada region on yesterday, said officials sources.

However, due to the return heavy rainfall standing crop starts damaging at numbers of places in the region.


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