Maharashtra failed to use Central allocation to combat Covid-19

New Delhi, Oct 11 (UNI) Despite being the worst-affected state hit by the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), Maharashtra has been lagging in utilising the funds allocated in the first phase by the Central Government to control its spread.

Union Health and Family Welfare Minister Harsh Vardhan told on Sunday during the Sunday Samvaad that the Central government had released Rs 3,000 crore to the states and union territories to fight Covid-19 in the first phase. He said almost all the states, except Maharashtra, Chandigarh and Delhi, have made full use of the grants received.

The Union Minister said Maharashtra has used 42.5 per cent of the grant, Chandigarh 47.8 per cent and Delhi 75.4 per cent.

Significantly, Maharashtra is the most Covid-hit state in the country. There are a total of 15,17,434 cases of Covid cases in the state, of which 40,040 fatalities have occurred. Thus the state currently has 2,21,615 active Covid cases. There are 3,06,559 Covid cases in Delhi, of which 2,78,812 have recovred and 5,740 deaths have been recorded, leaving 22,007 active cases at present. There are 1,229 active cases in Chandigarh, while so far 190 Covid deaths here been registered and 11,662 recoveries.


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