Mumbai Police forced Sushant’s family to sign statement written in Marathi despite their objection

Mumbai, Sep 3 ( UNI) Mumbai Police had forced Sushant Singh Rajput’s family members to sign a statement written in Marathi language despite their objection and did not even give a copy of the statement they had signed to the family, the actor’s family lawyer Vikas Singh has said.

Addressing a press conference here on Wednesday, Mr Singh also said the family had never given any statement that Sushant Singh had died after committing suicide.

‘The family has never given any statement of Sushant dying by suicide. These statements were recorded by Mumbai Police in Marathi. The family also objected, ‘Please don’t write in Marathi if you want us to sign. They were forced to sign a statement written in Marathi. They had no clue of what was being written,” Mr Singh said and added that none of the family members was given a copy of that statement and no one knows what was made to be written in that statement out of whatever the family told Mumbai Police.

He said several questions were raised on Sushant Singh’s sister Meetu Singh leaving her brother on June 12 despite knowing that he had not been feeling well. Meetu had stayed with Sushant from June 8 to June 12 and took care of him. She left the place because Sushant had started feeling better.

The lawyer said Meetu has a young daughter and she had left her with a friend. She thought it was the right time to check on her daughter as her brother was feeling better.

“Aisi sithti kabhi samajh mein nahi aayi kyunki andar-andar kiske mann mein kya chal raha hai Lekin saamne se usko nahi lag raha tha ki aisi koi baat hai. Agar aisi baat hoti toh poora parivaar udd ke wahaan pohunch gaya hota,” Mr Singh said. (One could never fathom what was running in one’s mind. She didn’t sense anything wrong with him at that time. If she had, the entire family would have flown to be with the actor to help him stay good.)

Vikas Singh also dismissed the claim that the family knew about the history of Sushant’s alleged depression. He said the family members have clearly stated that they had no idea if Sushant was suffering from depression but they could see that his health deteriorated after Rhea Chakraborty entered his life.

Issuing a clarification on the WhatsApp chats that allegedly showed Sushant’s sisters were aware of his psychological problem, the lawyer said they prescribed him the medicines for anxiety and showed him their own prescriptions. “The family never accepted that he was suffering from depression. His mental health deteriorated after Rhea Chakraborty entered his life,” he said.


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