Oppn boycotts CM’s reply on adjournment motion, walks out

Shimla, Sep 9 (UNI) Himachal Pradesh Assembly witnessed the noisy scene in the house on Wednesday as Opposition Congress boycotted the Chief Minister reply and walk out latter alleging that they were deprived to participate in the discussion brought under rule 67 adjourning all business.
As the House assembled this morning for session, Leader of Opposition Mukesh Agnihotri insisted to allow their members in the discussion as they have come up with the adjournment motion.
Rejecting the opposition demands, Speaker Vipin Singh Parmar said that discussion lasted on the motion for more than six hours and 28 members took part in it for two days
He said that under the rule 67 he could allow discussion for two-and-half hours but unfortunately they were dragging it further without any merit.
”This house made history by allowing discussion under rule 67, adjourning all business on September 7, as in the history of the state legislature never allowed it before under this rule.
Opposition leader Mr Agnihotri alleged that the Chief Minister was bulldozing its agenda and the Speaker
conducting the discussion on his dictates which is not fair.
He demanded that Harashvardhan Chauhan who have moved this motion should be allowed to speak as four of Congress members were not allowed to speak.
When Speaker rejected the Opposition request and the Chief Minister started his reply on the motion entire opposition started sloggering and went down to the well and continued the protest.
The Chief Minister stated that state have only 60 ventilators before the pandemic now increased to 640
as 500 ventilators were provided to the state by the Centre Government.
Mr Thakur said that 4,50,000 people brought back in the state after spending 13 crore for this purpose . He said that 62,000 people stranding in various part of country were facilitated or brought to state by buses and others 20000 by trains. He said that 24 special trains were started by the Government.
He said that free food was being distributed in the quarantine centre by the government. Home delivery of essential commodities, ration, vegetables and other medicines were made during the lockdown. The ration was provided to 13. 95 lakh people on their doorstep. He said that cooked and food items were delivered for 13 lakh to people who were stranded in various places due to lock down.
About 172 students who were stranding at Kota in Rajasthan were brought in the HRTC buses to the state. Around 3,400 state citizens were evacuated from the national Capital region to Chandigarh.
He said that Rs 24.93 Cr were provided to different departments during the pandemic. CM said that the State Government announced a relief amount of Rs 50 lakh for the death of Covid Warrier during the duties. The Government advanced the enhancement of increased salaries or honorarium to the Asha Worker, IPH Fitter, Paraworkers and Water guards and other government workers facilitated them during the pandemic.
He said that Rs 64 crore was spent on the Kamgarh Worker in the state during the last three years. He said that
assistance amount of Rs 1,000 per month enhanced to Rs 2,000 per month to construction and building workers during the pandemic.
Mr Thakur said that three crore apple boxes were provided for the apple season by purchasing it from the packaging industries to run the apple season.
He said that state Government borrowed Rs 1,100 crore last years and during this financial years state have
made a total borrowing of Rs 500 Cr . He said that the state government has made repayment of Rs 2088 cr in
last three years.
All member of opposition staged walk out after the reply in protest when speaker asked them to withdraw
the motion. The opposition stated that they could not withdraw the motion and went out of the house. The later
the speaker announced division on the motion in absence of Congress members which was defeated by voice vote.
Five Congress legislators Mukesh Agnihotri, Asha Kumari, Ram Lal Thakur, Harash Vardhan Chauhan and Jagat Singh Negi has moved this motion under rule- 67 to discuss the failure of Government to handle the Covid situation demanding resignation of the Chief Minister and the entire cabinet.


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