Pakistan, Kashmir, why not real ground issues during polls: Congress

New Delhi, Oct 29 (UNI) The Congress on Thursday hit-out at the BJP over their president’s jibe at Rahul Gandhi over Pakistan this morning and further asked as to why all of a sudden it quoted what was going on in Pakistan that too during the time of Bihar polls.

Addressing the media Congress spokesperson Gaurav Vallabh said that why does the BJP resort to issues related to Pakistan , Kashmir and similar leaving aside the true issue of development education, employment whenever there is an election time.

It was in the morning that BJP attacked Congress alleging that the grand old party has never had faith on our armed forces, as JP Nadda shared a video wherein a Pakistan leader said that Wing Commander Abhinandan was released by Pakistan fearing attack by the Indian armed forces.

Taking a dig at BJP president JP Nadda, Vallabh said that it seems the BJP has plans to contest elections in Pakistan and this is why their president is watching Pak TV channels and is concerned regarding what hot topic was being discussed there during the time of elections in Bihar and is not talking about any real issues of the state.

He further said that ,”Every Congress party worker has always stood and stands with the Indian Army and will continue to do so.’

However, Vallabh questioned as to why does the BJP bring up issues like Pakistan, Kabristan versus Shamshaan and Kashmir whenever it is the time of elections in the country.

He further said that this time such issues will do no good, but, what will work are the issues like employment, governance, women safety and the real work on the ground.

Vallabh also said that instead of looking at the Pakistan channels and focusing on what was going in the Pakistan parliament the BJP must lay emphasis on what is going in the country, talk about education, schools and development in Bihar and other important issues.


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