People supported Congress for the anti people policies of BJP: Sapan Sood

Dharamshala, Nov 2 : The public support received by the Congress party in the state by-elections is the result of the anti people policies of the BJP, Congress leader Sapan Sood said on Tuesday.
He said that the strong leadership of the party, high-level media management and the untiring hard work of the party’s workers resulted in a crushing defeat of BJP in one Parliamentary constituency and three assembly constituencies.
Spokesperson of District Kangra Congress Committee, Sapan Sood stated this on Tuesday after the Congress won all the 3 assembly and one Lok Saba seat in the by elections.

He said that the Congress party, which raises its voice for the issues of public interest, is the popular political party of lakhs of people of the state. He said that the party also fulfills its political responsibility by respecting the public sentiments.
He said relentless and selfless service towards the party by the party workers under the guidance of senior leaders of the state Congress has shown in the election results.
With dedication, the Congress has been successful in taking the anti-people policies of the BJP to every nook and corner of the state, Sood said.
Congress leader Sapan Sood while expressing his views said that the people of the state are waiting for the assembly elections scheduled for 2022 to overthrow the BJP government which is sitting blindly on issues of public interest.
He said that by making inflation the main issue in the elections, the party will motivate the women of the state to vote heavily against the BJP. Sapan Sood said that the economic budget of the housewives has been shattered due to the skyrocketing inflation. Spanish said the women were experiencing the pain of rising prices of other food items including pulses, rice, oil and flour lying in the kitchen before burning the stove for two time meals.
He said that the women since the skyrocketing inflation and petrol and LPG Cylender they were suffering of the inflation trauma.
The Congress party is concerned about the increasing unemployment due to the political inexperience of the BJP government in the state. He said that the present government has pushed the unemployed youth of the state in the dock during the four year rule of the Jairam Thakur government. He said that the political ship of BJP has sunk in the state.


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