SWR to preserve 285-year-old Kabini rail cum road bridge in My Division

Mysuru, Oct 5 (UNI) Mysuru division of the South Western Railway (SWR) has decided to preserve the 285-year-old Kabini Rail-cum-Road bridge, constructed across River Kapila, near Nanjangud in Mysuru district.

SWR Mysore Divisional Railway Manager Aparna Garg said the bridge will be a tourist attraction as it is one of the oldest rail bridges in the world. The bridge connects Mysuru and Nanjangud, was damaged and not in use since 2007. The Mysore division is rich with many such monumental structures.

According to the authorities, trains were running on the bridge for more than 100 years between 1902 and January 2007. With the establishment of a broad-gauge railway link in 2007 by constructing a new bridge, the vintage bridge fell into oblivion.

The bridge was built in 1735 by Dalvoy Devaraj and the railway track was laid in 1899. The bridge was built using brick, sand, lime mortar and stone. The engineering marvel, built in Gothic style, is unique in design to accommodate metre gauge railway lines parallel to road traffic over a length of 300 metres.

Aparna Garg said Indian Railways has vast heritage and is always at the forefront to take necessary measures to preserve it.

He along with engineers inspected the heritage structure recently and took stock of its condition. She decided to initiate a detailed proposal to protect the structure, duly reflecting its old glory.

The structure will be strengthened while protecting its heritage look. Measures to illuminate the structure during the night and to install an information board will be taken, she added.

The proposal will be submitted to the headquarters for necessary approval of funds. Works will be taken up at the earliest so that it becomes an attraction to the public during the festive season, she added.


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