VC SKUAST-Jammu Inaugurates High-End Portable Photosynthetic System for advancing research in crop sciences

Dr. B.N. Tripathi, Vice Chancellor, Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology today inaugurated the cutting-edge High-Ended Portable Photosynthetic System (LICOR-6800F). This system, housed in the Division of Plant Physiology within the Faculty of Basic Sciences at Chatha, is poised to revolutionize agricultural research in Jammu and Kashmir under the JK HADP Project.

The LICOR-6800F system represents a leap forward in agricultural technology, facilitating advanced research aimed at developing new crop genotypes specifically tailored to thrive in the unique climate conditions of the region. By mimicking photosynthesis and capturing solar light for power conversion, this state-of-the-art system offers non-destructive measurement capabilities, utilizing hetero atomic molecules such as CO₂, H₂O, NH₃, CO, SO₂, N₂O, NO, and gaseous hydrocarbons like CH₃, each with characteristic absorption spectra in the infra-red region.

The primary function of the Infra-red Gas Analyzers (IRGA) within the system is to measure CO₂ concentration. Scientists worldwide are utilizing this equipment to predict and analyze climatic variations affecting crop growth, development, and yield potential. By monitoring physiological functions such as photosynthesis, transpiration, and stomatal conductance, researchers can optimize agronomic practices to enhance crop productivity while minimizing adverse environmental impacts such as greenhouse gas emissions and soil salinity.

During the inauguration, Prof. Tripathi toured the Technology Park of the University, where he witnessed a demonstration of the LICOR-6800F system by expert technicians. He engaged with faculty and students, discussing the implications of climate change and the critical role of advanced equipment in fundamental agricultural research. Prof. Tripathi emphasized the versatility of this facility across various crops, including cereals, pulses, oilseeds, fruits, ornamentals, and vegetables, particularly during challenging weather conditions, offering valuable data for breeding programs.

Dr. Gurdev Chand, Head of the Division of Plant Physiology, highlighted the wide-ranging applications of the LICOR-6800F system across agricultural disciplines, underscoring its importance for accelerating research objectives. The event was attended by Dr. S K Gupta, Director Research; Dr. Amrish Vaid, Director Extension; Dr. S.E.H. Rizvi, Dean Faculty of Basic Sciences; Dr. R.K. Samnotra, Head, Division of Vegetable Sciences; Dr. Sanjay Guleria, Head, Division of Biochemistry; and Dr. Brajeshwar Singh, Head, Division of Microbiology.

The inauguration ceremony witnessed the participation of statutory officers, department heads, faculty members of Basic Sciences, and officials from the media cell, underscoring the significance of this milestone in advancing agricultural research and innovation in the region.


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