War against COVID-19: New rules of engagement in MP

Bhopal, Sep 19 (UNI) The Madhya Pradesh administration has issued fresh guidelines for prevention of and protection from the novel coronavirus in view of religious programmes and festivals. The order by Additional Chief Secretary (Home) Rajesh Kumar Rajora unambiguously lays down that permission shall not be granted vis-à-vis processions and there will be no garba functions.

“The maximum height of idols in public places shall be 6 ft and pandal size restricted to 10 × 10 ft. A maximum 100 individuals will be allowed to take part in a function. Prior approval from the district administration shall be mandatory to organise any such event. Authorities will select least-crowded spots for immersion. District Peace Committees and District Crisis Management Committees may consider a decentralised system in this regard. Prior written permission shall have to be obtained for groups, which cannot have in excess of ten members,” the Indian Administrative Service officer was officially quoted as saying.

Shops will have to close by 2000 hrs. However; chemists, restaurants, other eateries, ration and similar outlets may remain open till later as per schedule. Shopkeepers shall have to mandatorily utilise masks and make circles a yard apart to ensure social distancing besides arranging for sanitiser. All collectors have been directed to ensure constant inspection.


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