Farmer agitation continues on day 20, government diverting from issues, says AIKSCC

New Delhi, Dec 15 (UNI) All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee (AIKSCC) on Tuesday said that the government is holding diversionary talks with the groups that don’t even represent the struggling farmers.

The farmer body also accused the government of the alleged loot in agriculture sector by the corporates, and also accused the BJP of setting a false narrative that the farmer protests are sponsored from abroad.

Talking about the the new bills , the organisation said that Government’s document confesses that these laws will ‘open up avenues for agribusiness’, not farmers.

Private investment in agriculture, in place of government investing and helping farmers will completely wipe out government mandis, warehousing, and just as has happened in Public Sector industry, Health Services, Schools, Clean Water supply and is happening in Electricity supply.

The main feature of the laws, which the Government does not wish to solve is that it will promote establishment of Private Mandis and Company’s Farm Contracts with farmers, the AIKSCC said in a statement released here.

AIKSCC also said that massive rallies shall take place at Kolkata on Wednesday, in Manipur on Saturday, Mumbai on December 22 and Patna on December 29th.

Meanwhile, support is continuously pouring in with strength at all the road blocks at around Delhi borders, while number of farmers are increasing.

The farmer protest continued for the 20th day around the national capital at the major border entry points, especially at the centre point of protests, the Singhu border.

Farmers also increased at the Gazipur point where more farmers joined in.


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