Private trains should’ve sliding doors, talk-back, coach surveillance, alarms!!

Electronic sliding doors, windows with double-glazed safety glass, Braille signages, emergency talk-back mechanism, passenger surveillance system, and information and destination boards.

These are some of the specifications the Railways has demanded from private operators in trains that they will be running on the Railways network.

A draft specification for private trains, shared by the Railways on Wednesday, also says these trains would provide noise-free travel to passengers and be capable of running at a speed of 160 km/hr.

“The train shall be designed so that they can operate safely at a maximum speed of 180 kmph during testing. Train shall be capable of accelerating to a speed of 160 kmph from 0 kmph in a maximum of 140 seconds on level track,” says the draft.

These trains will be fitted with an emergency brake which can bring them to a standstill in less than 1,250 m when travelling at 160 kmph, it says.

It also says that the trains should be designed for a life of 35 years.

“Each coach shall have minimum four electrically/pneumatically powered, plug type doors, two on each side,” it says.

The door mechanism shall have safety provision whereby the train shall not start unless all doors have been closed and electrically locked.


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