Felt like Sachin, Amitabh: UK PM

New Delhi, April 22 : United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the grand hospitality he received in Gujarat on day one of his visit to India, saying he felt like “Sachin Tendulkar and Amitabh Bachchan.” The comments of Johnson brought a grin on Modi’s face as well as the two leaders addressed a joint press conference after delegation level talks at Hyderabad House. “We had a fantastic two days here in India. Yesterday, I visited Gujarat your birthplace of course, Narendra. I had an amazing reception…. absolutely amazing reception. I felt like Sachin Tendulkar,” Johnson said. “My face was ubiquitous everywhere as Amitabh Bacchan. I was everywhere to be seen and this was fantastic.” Johnson also called Modi his “Khas Dost” (Special Friend). The two leaders had in-depth talks on all significant regional as well as global issues and reiterated their commitment to carry forward the bilateral relationship. “The partnership between India and the UK is one of the most defining friendships of our time and in challenging times, it is very important we deepen our cooperation.: Johnson also praised India’s work on Covid-19 vaccines. “I have the Indian jab in my arm and a power of good it did me,” he said. The British Prime Minister coined a word for Indian British products. “Sometimes, it can be hard to tell whether something is British or Indian, or frankly- Brindian.” 


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