Launch of Delta IV Carrier rocket with US spy satellite delayed

Washington, Oct 1 (Sputnik) The blastoff of the Delta IV Heavy launch vehicle with US spy satellite NROL-44 at Cape Canaveral in Florida has been delayed, US spacecraft launch service provider United Launch Alliance (ULA) said on Twitter on Thursday.
“The Terminal Countdown Sequencer Rack (TCSR) called a hold at T-minus 7 seconds. TCSR controls the final 10 seconds of the #DeltaIVHeavy countdown. The safety system worked as intended to stop the countdown if a problem is detected,” ULA said.
“ULA Launch Director Lou Mangieri has relayed the decision to the launch team that we will not continue with launch operations tonight,” it said.
The satellite launch was initially to have taken place August 27 but it has been postponed several times.


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