Mexico wants US to extend border crossing restrictions for one month – Foreign Ministry

Mexico City, Nov 19 (Sputnik) Mexicо has suggested that the United States should extend the prohibition of border crossing between the two countries for one month, the Mexican Foreign Ministry has said.
“After reviewing the development of the spread of #COVID19 in both countries … [Mexico] proposed [the US] to extend the restrictions on non-essential crossing through the shared land border for one more month,” the ministry tweeted.
In another tweet, the ministry said that the restrictions would be maintained on the same terms as when they took effect on March 21 and both sides would coordinate health measures along the border region that will remain in force through December 21.
The March 21 restrictions to not cover supplies of food, fuel, medicine and other necessities as well as travels for medicinal, educational or governmental purposes and emergency visits.
Both countries have been hit hard by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, with the US having over 11.5 million confirmed cases according to the Johns Hopkins University database, and Mexico reporting over 1 million coronavirus cases.


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