Pentagon reports eighth military death from COVID-19

Washington, Sept 29 (Xinhua) An eighth US service member has died from COVID-19, the Pentagon reported on Tuesday. The death was included in the Pentagon’s latest update of COVID-19 numbers related to its members. The identity of the service member was not immediately released but the person was reportedly with the US Army Reserve.

The last US military death from the virus was reported in late August. The Pentagon has reported a total of 65,657 cases of COVID-19 related to the department, including 45,246 among service members, 10,109 cases among civilians, 6,034 cases among dependents, and 4,268 cases among contractors. There have been 59 civilian deaths, seven dependent deaths, and 22 contractor deaths. There have been 30,450 recoveries, and 613 that have been hospitalized over the course of the pandemic.


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