Pfizer applies for Covid vaccine approval in Japan

Tokyo, Dec 18 (UNI) US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer on Friday applied for approval for the use of its Coronavirus vaccine in Japan, local media reported.
According to NHK broadcaster, the company is seeking fast-track approval that requires much simpler steps than conventional review.
Japan has a contract with the US company for 120 million doses of the two-component vaccine, which is enough to immunize 60 million people, or a half of its population. The rollout could reportedly begin as early as March.
In mid-November, Pfizer announced that its COVID-19 candidate vaccine, developed jointly with German company BioNTech, concluded phase 3 clinical trials, with a declared efficacy level of 95 percent.
However, the vaccine comes with a significant logistical disadvantage, as its storage and transportation conditions require as cold of an environment as -70 degrees Celsius.
The vaccine is already rolling out across the United States and United Kingdom.


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