SangSom Launches “The Portfunlio” Campaign to Support Thai Artists During COVID-19 Situation

BANGKOK, Oct. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — SangSom, one of the most famous Thai rum brand launches The Portfunlio’s campaign to support Thai artists during the difficult situation due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Many Thai artists, who are the subculture of the brand, suffer from canceled exhibitions, closed weekend markets and loss of commission as a result of the lockdown measures.

“The Portfunlio” is a creative campaign inviting Thai artists to design card collection and submit their artworks for the selection. More than 800 card collections submit to the campaign. SangSom happily selected these beautiful cards and distributed these selected cards or Portfunlio to the business owners and marketers of companies. The business owners and marketers could use the beautiful cards in various business industries such as fashion, cafe, restaurant, hotel, spa, beauty clinic, event advertising agencies and more.

The artists information and contact details included in the cards helps promote access to the artists during the tough time. Interested art lovers can reach and place art orders directly to the artists. The opportunities arise from the campaign allow artists to survive while SangSom retain its client base as at home alcohol consumption has increased during the lockdown.

SangSom also promotes its campaign through “THE PORTFUNLIO Matching Art Game” activity via SangSom Experience facebook fanpage. Only one day after the release, there were many card requests so SangSom delivered the creative cards to the registered facebook fanpage audiences.

The campaign success reflects that special edition cards game is a stress relief tool and its connection among art lovers during these difficult times with art preferably over a glass of SangSom.


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