Apple Inc. becomes the first company to attain USD 2 trillion

Apple Inc. is the first US company to raise  a market value so high to  USD 2 trillion, two years ago it became the first to reach USD 1 trillion.Apple manufacturer of iphone shares have gained around 60 per cent this year as the company has overcame the shutdown of factories in China that produced the iPhone and  also the closure of its retail sales amid the Covid-19pandemic.

The company’s with huge loyal customer base trusts in its products that they continued to buy iPhones and other devices of apple brand online though stuck at home. Recently Apple reported blowout earnings for the April-June quarter, an upcoming four for one stock split that will make the Apple’s shares more affordable to many investors also sparked a rally after it was announced three weeks ago.

Apple has been at the front line of a group of Top Tech companies that are increasingly taking over the people’s lives and the stock market. Just the five companies  including Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and Google’s parent company  accounts  around 23 per cent of the S&P 500’s total value.

After becoming a public company Saudi Aramco reached a market value of USD 2 trillion in December 2019.

The Saudi energy producer’s shares have declined since amid a fall in oil prices and its market value is now about USD 1.82 trillion.


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