Reasons Why You Should Get a Bike or Scooter During this Pandemic

Mumbai, Oct 8, 2020: With the spread of COVID-19 across the nations, there has been a decrease in people travelling through public transport. The importance of having a person bike or scooter is relevant in today’s time. If you already have a two-wheeler or is considering to get one now, an important part of it is getting the scooter insurance. Having a third-party cover is mandatory to drive on the India roads. You can also choose a comprehensive cover. It also covers the damages to own’s car.

In this pandemic, a lot of public transports have been shut down. For places where public transport is working, most people are not preferring to use it. You come in contact with a larger number of people when driving in public transport. It has created an increase in demand for an affordable scooter to commute. We must look at the reasons why bike or scooter are the best alternatives to public transport currently.

Why is two-wheeler the new preferred mode of transport?

With the implementation of lockdown, several aspects are highlighted by the Government. There are many measures to be followed. One of these is to avoid going to crowded places and the risk associated with travelling in shared transport. With the challenges, travelling with public transport was out of option for many people. Getting a two-wheeler at an affordable price is the option left. It is the right choice because of its advantages.

The clear advantages which make this a suitable option in comparison to public transport are:

Ease: One of the major problems attached to public transport is the lack of comfort. Public transport is not very easy to access. They are often time taking. Any form of public transport you are boarding has a pre-designed scheduled. One has to adjust their time around the schedule. With your two-wheeler, you can design your schedule and leave for work when you want. It will have a fixed route and with several passengers boarding and deboarding, the time taken will be higher.

Safety: One of the most significant concerns for a person travelling these days is there safety. Travelling in a private two-wheeler is much safer when compared to any public transport. While travelling with private transport you come in contact with no one because you are the only travelling most of the times. It makes the process of following social distancing norms. With public transport, whatever you do to avoid any contact you will be around a few people all the time.

A lot of people are dependent on public transport not only for their jobs but a lot of other things. With a private vehicle travelling to work would be easier. A lot of home chores would be more comfortable with a private vehicle. One of the critical aspects is purchasing bike insurance. Buy bike insurance online. Having insurance will make sure that you are completely safe while driving on the road.


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